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Social Media Advertising: On The Cheap? YOU BET!!!

October 12, 2010

Okay, I don’t have to tell you about how much social media has started playing a key role in the marketing and advertising world. I mean SponsoredTweets, hello?!?! It is a no brainer. From huge corporations to the mom and pop place around the corner have taken advantage on the wide reach of different social networking platforms.

Businesses have profited greatly on reducing the cost of advertising and marketing campaigns, and have about the same, if not more than, the same reach to the target audience. There isn’t any audience for any business that you won’t find in social media. It’s not too much rocket science, takes a little bit of understanding, but more will power to succeed and personally connecting with your audience.

But wait Dude, what about companies who are trying to really tighten the bolts on finances and can’t spend the money company wide to pay for that kind of marketing? Well, I’ll tell you, there is advertising and marketing on the cheap!!! How cheap Dude? REAL CHEAP SIR OR MA’AM.

How is this possible? Well, take a look around the blogosphere. Take a close look. Closer … CLOSER … TOO CLOSE BACK UP A TAD!! Okay, right there. You see those people? These are part of your target audience. They are working stiffs, singles, married folk, SAHM, SAHD. Blue collar, white-collar, you name it, there they are. Writing their hearts and brains out for years about this that and the other, and the majority, aren’t making squat. This is where you, the company, comes in.

Many people would be happy making enough money to pay for basic, essential items that would normally come out of a paycheck. Bath soap, shampoo, gas, food, diapers, wipes, formula, anything you can think of. I mean seriously, who doesn’t mind having extra money in their pockets? That’s what  thought. Big business, small business, start-up, and seasoned vets, all can profit off the reach of their target audience. You just have to get to know them, and reach out.

Why am I going through all this? I have talked to many people who feel that same way. Even if it wasn’t a career for them, anything that helps out, helps out, and they are grateful. You can’t just know who your audience is, you have to get to know your audience personally. Target your audience, engage your audience, work with your audience, and they will work for you. You become personal, you become a partner, and you see your business getting the word out a little more, and a little more, and a little more.


Social Media Q&A: Jason

October 8, 2010

Not too long ago I started sending out Q&A’s to different people to answer about social media. Why? Well I have recently taken a major interest in learning how the social media world works and how it affects marketing and branding.  A few people have been generous enough to answer, so I share the first one today.

Jason (@Bnpositive) was the first to respond, so here is what he had to say about social media. Check out his web site Bnpositive Communication and check out what it is all about. Now here is Jason, in his own words.

1. Tell us a little about yourself – A guy who tries to make his living working with computers and on the Internet. Just about self-taught in everything I know on those two subjects. Married to a great wife, with two kids, our oldest was a honeymoon baby!


2. Tell us a little about what you do as your job – Recently self-employed and contracted for work with a couple of different clients. Projects range from business process consulting, SQL database management and design, ASP.NET web applications, custom report, SEO work, website design and management, domain management and hosting and WordPress site deployment for my clients.


3. In your opinion, what makes social media such an essential tool for marketing and branding? – Social media really isn’t anything new, it’s just been energized. It’s the same kind of word-of-mouth marketing we’ve already done, but social media platforms make it easier for everyone to have a voice if they want one. It doesn’t guarantee an audience though, which I think some people forget.


4. Over the last few years, with the major explosion of social media sites and sharing tools, how have companies reacted to the open playing field and used it to their advantage? – I think smaller companies are now able to compete in the market now more aggressively. Previously, how could someone compete against a company like GE? Now, the power of GE’s tweets or other status updates, really have no more momentum than what is available to anyone else who’s willing to contribute to the community and build a following. I think smaller companies have somewhat of a backlash advantage over larger companies. People want to connect with someone, not just a business. Social media provides the platforms for that to happen.


5. Blogging: One of the most used social platforms. How has blogging changed the playing field of marketing, and how have companies used bloggers to further reach their target audience? – Blogging is just a platform for people to voice their opinion. Broadcasting still has power, but with the idea of the Long Tail, even smaller, niche topics can have a loyal and powerful following. Larger organizations are learning how to leverage blogging to connect with more, and smaller audiences for a targeted message. The other benefit of blogging (perhaps not technically but the idea of frequently updated content) is that search engines love it. Anyone, if they know how to do things right, can get their message out in a crowded channel.


6. Do you write a blog? If so, what made you first decide to start writing? – I first started writing a blog awhile back to just share my thoughts about what was happening around. I grew up watching Doogie Howser, M.D as a kid, so that imagery kept coming to me. Shortly after starting my own blog I begin writing professional for a couple of large blog networks over the years.


7. What do you think PR firms, social media consulting firms, and marketing firms could do different to widen their reach and secure their core audience? – Be more honest and open as a participant in the system. Don’t try to game the system. Do the work that’s required to make a defense, don’t think there are shortcuts.


8. In your opinion, do you think companies have been able to make themselves more personable to their audience? More or less? – Yes. Some are still very challenged though. I will say that if your culture as a company has never been to engage your audience, don’t think initiating a social media strategy is suddenly going to bring it all together for you. Back to the last question, you’ve got to be who you are. If who you are isn’t working, then you have to change who you are to accomplish the tasks you’re trying to achieve.


9. Any advice for those starting the venture into social media, marketing, and branding? – Be a sponge. Be involved. Be honest.


10. Drop us a knowledge bomb (a word of wisdom before you part) – Adapt.


Long Cold Winter

October 3, 2010

This is something I wrote a few years back while skipping out of work one day. Very relevant to the state of things at the time. This is a song to my wife.


What’s the point of knowing, whether it’s clear or snowing outside? What the hell could I do, except to tell you that we’re doing just fine. Someone said it would be easy. Someone said it would be hard. Someone said we wouldn’t make it, but we’ve made it this far.

And it’s been a long cold winter, and it starts to take its toll. Her eyes are weary, as she’s shaking off the cold. Through all the fights, the shouts, the crying and the screams, she knows our love is what will get us through till spring.

Outside the snow is falling. I get the phone and I am calling you again. Just to say I miss you. Can’t wait to get off work and kiss you again, and whisper in your ear. Though the nights are getting longer, my love for you grows stronger. And I know we’ll make it through if we just hold on to each other.

And it’s been, a long cold winter, and it starts to take its toll. My eyes are weary, as I’m shaking off the cold. Through all the fights, the shouts, the crying and the screams, I know our love is what will get us through till spring.

A long cold winter, and it starts to take its toll. Our eyes are weary, as we’re shaking off the cold. Through all the fights, the shouts, the crying and the screams, I know our love is what will get us through till spring.

What’s they point of knowing, whether it’s clear or snowing outside? What the hell could I do, except to tell you that we are just fine?

John Taylor

Bent, but not Broken

October 3, 2010

The test of life, the test of time, and all of the roads that intertwine. The world against you, and you against the world, and the war seems like it is far from over. You struggle and you fall. You get the dirt of the ages underneath your fingernails and you feel as though it will never come clean again. Bent, but not broken.

You push on through thick and thin, through rough and choppy seas. The world against you, and just you against the world. You seek shelter in the most unlikely places, hoping to God for just one day of rest. One day where the fight doesn’t take all of you, and all of you doesn’t have to take on the fight. Bent, but not broken.

The time goes by and you feel aged, and worn. The years of  “the fight”, the world against you, and you against the world, have made their marks in gray hairs, wrinkles, and aching bones. You have seen it all, and heard it all, and all of this time you have remained silent. Fighting your war, your way, the only way you know.  Determined, and strong. Bent, but not broken.

As you look back on all the years lost, all the knowledge gained, and all the growth of self and mind, you smile. You see the past not as a failure, but as a struggle you have overcome. With a renewed spirit of hope, you stand once more. Aged and frail, you stand, your chest then swells with pride. A look up to the sky and a mighty yell, the battle cry to be heard across all time: “BENT BUT NOT BROKEN!!!”

Getting Personal: A Different Approach to Social Media Marketing

September 30, 2010

*Note: I am not an expert of any kind. I have no degree in marketing and I am by no means a social media guru. These are just my opinions on the state of things, and some mild suggestions from where I see things*

The advancements in the world of social media have been simply amazing over the last few years. From the simple days of Live Journal, to “New Twitter”, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and so on, the face of social media has been an ever changing landscape of platforms, websites, and gurus. Some people have found huge success by using social media as a marketing tool, and well deserved their wealth is. We all know how hard it is to attract new customers, new clients, and expand your outreach with today’s economic standings. But there is still something missing in the outreach of many companies today. It is something I think all people who are involved in marketing and social media need to let sink in and see if it doesn’t improve their standings.


Read more…

Sex, Drugs, and Waffle House

September 24, 2010

One of the things I aimed to do with this blog as it grew was to post stories about my life to get some things off my shoulders, let some things out, and use it as a way to remember the past, then put it behind me. “Self Therapy” if you will. I want to be open and honest about my life, but there are things that I just feel do not belong at The DaddyYo Blog, as they have nothing to do with my life as a dad.

There is a part of my life that I am definitely not proud of, though I won’t deny it. There will probably be several posts along the way that chronicle this time in my life as I seek to visit it again, see where I have gone since then and what I have learned, and then put it behind me once again, for good. I have always found writing to be an outlet to share these times and to lay it all out in front of me, in black and white, and come face to face with the decisions I made. The good thing about it is that I can revisit, count my blessings of where I have gotten to, then I can file it away in the archive and move on. Read more…

Social Media Saved My Life

September 22, 2010

She had me at A/S/L  … okay, not really, but that is the joke attached to the story of how I met my wife. You see, before there was Twitter, before Facebook was king, back when MySpace was really just getting started, there were the ever popular Yahoo! and AOL chat rooms. It would be in one of those chat rooms, that I would meet the woman that would become my wife a year later. The room was on Yahoo! chat entitled “Punk n Ska n Thrash:4”. Late one January night, shortly before my birthday, she pops in (smart_alec_chic), and my world would forever change. Read more…